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be quiet Silent Base 600 Orange ATX Chassis with Window

be quiet’s Silent Base 600 chassis is crammed with features and being a be quiet product it has been designed to offer excellent cooling with very little noise levels.


  1. Outstanding performance
  2. Ample space and cutouts
  3. Two pre-installed Pure Wings 2 fans
  4. Professional cable management
  5. Available with or without window side panel

be quiet is justifiably famous for making some of the most technologically advanced, and absolutely the quietest, PC equipment available. True to the motto “form follows function” the PC case Silent Base 600 Window Orange offers the perfect symbiosis of noise prevention and cooling performance, a good usability and an extensive capacity for high-end hardware.

With a targeted combination of unique airflow control and sound insulation features, Silent Base 600 is a truly superior case ideal for high-end gaming gear and for quiet systems.

Very Quiet Operation

  • The innovative construction of the front, side and top covers optimise case airflow for perfect air circulation, reducing turbulence and generating superior cooling at lower fan speeds for exceedingly quiet operation.
  • Sound insulation material on the side panels and the front also reduces vibrations and provides even more stability.
  • Two pre-installed Pure Wings 2 fans (one Pure Wings 2 140mm in the front, one Pure Wings 2 120mm at the rear) include an array of optimisations for quiet airflow, unique airflow-optimised fan blade design reduces noise-generating fan turbulence, high-quality sleeved bearing, switching, noise-cancelling circuitry and the fans are decoupled from the case with special mounts, reducing transmission of vibration and noise.
  • Hard drive cage features unique, specially designed silicone rubber anti-vibration rails that fully decouple drives to eliminate any transmission of vibration to the case.

Perfect Cooling

  • The upper cover air ducts are designed to channel cooling airflow. The rear opening allows air to exit the chassis while reducing the noise passing through the front panel.
  • Adjustable side panel vent allows users to fine tune airflow or even add a fan if needed.
  • Additional fan mounting of up to five fans at the top, bottom, front and the side panel.
  • Convenient 3-step fan controller for up to three 3-pin fans.
  • Water cooling ready for high-performance systems. Three areas are provided for radiators: below the top cover, in the HDD section and in the rear of the case.
  • Organised cable routing assures a better look, but more importantly it also provides for efficient airflow, better cooling, and therefore quieter operation.


  • The unique, specially designed front panel intake system allows cool air to enter the case while greatly eliminating almost all of the noise that is allowed back out.
  • The top cover allows hot air to exit the case while greatly reducing the noise experience.
  • The chassis is fitted with a side panel that offers more internal space, allowing use of high-end hardware and cooler such as the Dark Rock series.
  • The U-shaped edges on the side panels reduce vibration and improve case stability.
  • Side panel vents can be closed for silent operation, open or partially open in different amounts for increased air intake, or open with an additional fan for forced ventilation of high-performance systems.
  • The drive cage can be re-arranged to fit different hardware setups.
  • All relevant openings are protected with removable, cleanable filters to keep your system clean of heat-trapping dust.

Excellent Usability

  • Generous space and flexibility supports all manner of high-end hardware.
  • Thoughtful design supports professional cable management: innovative side panel design provides more space for cable management behind the M/B tray, silicone rubber grommets on the M/B tray hold cables from shifting.
  • Motherboard tray is provided with large, convenient cut-outs for CPU cooler back plates that will ensure compatibility with current and future CPU sockets.
  • Tool-less drive mounting allows drive configuration and reconfiguration in minutes, tool-less mounting system for 5.25” drives like ODD, fan controllers etc., the silicone rubber rails allow fast and secure tool-less 3.5” HDD mounts, the case can fit three 2.5” SSD, one mounting bay in the 3.5” HDD cage, two additional mounting bays behind the M/B tray.
  • Easy to remove dust filters are user-friendly and easy to clean.

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