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Akasa AK-ICR-14 Internal USB 3.0 front bay 3.5in Memory card reader

A great way of transferring data very quickly from media cards to your PC and bringing an extra USB 3.0 port to the front of the PC case.


  1. Internal USB 3.0 interface for Superspeed 5 Gbit/s
  2. Fits into a standard 3.5” drive bay
  3. 6x card reader slot
  4. Supports more than 60 memory cards
  5. 1x USB 3.0 front port

The Akasa AK-ICR-14 is a compact multi-format card reader which can be installed into a 3.5” drive bay. The device supports the following card types:

Compact Flash, Compact Flash I, Compact Flash II, Extreme Digital (eX), M2, Magicgate Memory Stick, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Extreme, Memory Stick Micro (M2) (Adapter required), Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick Ultra, MicroSD, MicroSDHC, MMC, MMC Mobile, SD, SD Elite Pro, SD Extreme, SD Ultra, SDHC, SDHC, SDXC

It comes equipped with a front USB 3.0 port for your convenience and because its own connection is to the motherboard via USB 3.0, card data transfer speed is very fast.

Motherboard Compatibility Considerations

The Akasa AK-ICR-14 uses a standard USB3 internal connector to attach directly to the motherboard. Most, if not all new motherboards have at least one suitable USB 3 connector however these are normally used to attach USB 3 ports from the front/top of your PC case.

Before ordering, please check that you have a free USB 3 port available on your motherboard.

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